Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The Beatles in America

On Sunday February 9th, 1964, at 8pm, the course of the music history changed forever after The Beatles stepped on The Ed Sullivan Show stage for their first appearance on American television. That night, history was made as these British sensations with long hair performed scorching versions of some of their greatest songs at the time, including “She Loves You,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and their latest hit, “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”  On Sunday February 9th 2014 the world will celebrate The Beatles 50th anniversary of this unforgettable night that changed America.

Between The Fab Four’s charm, talent, charisma and a nation craving something fresh and exciting in the wake of a shocking tragedy, The Beatles were the perfect storm. They had taken a music that was uniquely American, processed it through a British palette and came back with a sound that was at once familiar yet highly original.

The Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show two more times in the following weeks and would make their fourth and final appearance a year later. Each one was an event in and of itself, but nothing could equal the power, the inspiration, and the success of their live, U.S. television debut.

For those who somehow missed the seemingly inescapable airplay of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and for those who dismissed their mobbed landing at JFK Airport, The Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show would announce to the non-believers that The Beatles had arrived, and were here to stay. Over 20 gold records and a dozen albums later, The Beatles legacy has endured better than any rock group, before or since.


The Beatles in America Infographic - Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

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