• Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

    The Ed Sullivan Show: Pop Music Showcase

    Throughout its historic 23-year primetime run (1948-1971), The Ed Sullivan Show brought the hottest performances from around the world and introduced emerging talent to America’s living room every Sunday night. For every Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Supremes appearance, there were scores of up-and-coming pop stars from the Sixties. The Ed Sullivan Show library of 1,000 hours includes over 10,000 performances. Until June 2020, iconic clips from the vast catalog have primarily only...
  • Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

    Watch Joe South Team With Tommy Roe, Billy Joe Royal On ‘Ed Sullivan’

    Joe South performs his signature “Games People Play” in a unique and starry vocal trio on a newly-shared clip from the archives of The Ed Sullivan Show. Taken from the November 15, 1970 edition, it shows South teaming up on the song with the two other guests on the bill, fellow Georgia natives Tommy Roe and Billy Joe Royal. The famed...
  • Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

    Watch Louis Armstrong And His Band In A 1957 ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ Clip

    Louis Armstrong is captured at his effusive best in one of the latest clips to be shared on the official YouTube channel of The Ed Sullivan Show. The newly-added recording shows the jazz maestro and his band giving a brief performance of “(Back Home Again In) Indiana” on the edition that aired on January 27, 1957. Armstrong was aged 55 at the...
  • Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

    Watch Bobbie Gentry Cover The Jackson 5 On ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

    A cover of The Jackson 5 by Bobbie Gentry is the latest surprise revelation from the online archive of The Ed Sullivan Show. The charismatic Gentry, a familiar face on TV variety shows of the time before her withdrawal from public life, is seen in the clip from the November 1, 1970 edition remaking the Motown quintet’s debut smash of a year earlier. The brief...
  • Monday, July 26th, 2021

    See Tom Jones’ Impassioned ‘Danny Boy’ On ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

    A vintage performance from 1968 by Tom Jones has been added to the ever-growing catalog of clips from the archives of The Ed Sullivan Show. In a portion of the show broadcast on April 21 that year, the Welsh singing star dips into Irish tradition for a typically impassioned, country-tinged version of “Danny Boy.” Jones, resplendent in dinner...
  • Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

    Watch Loretta Lynn’s ‘God Bless America Again’ On ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

    The rich archives of The Ed Sullivan Show have opened again to mark Independence Day weekend in the US with country heroine Loretta Lynn’s performance of “God Bless America Again.” The song was written by Lynn’s fellow country star Bobby Bare with Boyce Hawkins, and was a No.16 hit for Bare in 1969. Loretta’s appearance with her version was on a special edition of Sullivan that aired on May 30, 1971, shortly after the end of the...
  • Thursday, June 24th, 2021

    50 Years Later, ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ Still Charms and Challenges

    Between 1948 and 1971, millions of Americans had two appointments on Sunday: church and “The Ed Sullivan Show” on CBS — a connection the 1960 Broadway musical “Bye Bye Birdie” made when it praised the show’s host in the number “Hymn for a Sunday Evening.” SOFA Entertainment purchased the variety show’s library in 1990, and last summer that company and Universal Music Enterprises teamed up to create an official 
  • Monday, June 21st, 2021

    National Perspective: ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ was an institution

    Today, no one remembers Topo Gigio or Senor Wences. Today, no one thinks the riffs of Alan King are side-splitting gems of comedy. Today, no one would consider it appropriate to film a performer such as Elvis Presley only from the waist up. Today, no one would even think of telling Mick Jagger to cleanse “Let’s spend the night together” into “Let’s spend some time together.” Today, no one thinks it remarkable to have a Black performer on television. Today, there is...