Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Honoring Julia Meade

Julia Meade

Julia Meade, the iconic pitchwoman for The Ed Sullivan Show, passed away in her Manhattan home at the age of 90. Meade’s charming, effervescent personality made her a fixture on The Ed Sullivan Show. She was the perfect blend of saleswoman and sex appeal that made her Ed Sullivan’s go to gal for pitching live commercials. Meade’s advertisements became so memorable that she became synonymous with Ed Sullivan’s biggest sponsors, such as Lincoln Automobiles and Kodak.

Additionally with her television advertisement career, Meade also was an actress for theater and film. On Broadway, she had roles in “The Tender Trap,” “Mary, Mary,” “Roman Candles,” and “The Front Page.” In addition, she appeared in films “Pillow Talk”, “Tammy Tell Me True”, and “Presumed Innocent” in 1990.

Meade married artist O. Worsham Rudd Jr. May 17, 1952. She is survived by her two daughters, Caroline and Alice.