R.I.P. Marty Allen (March 23, 1922 – February 12, 2018)

Allen & Rossi with The Beatles- T30655-1
Allen & Rossi with The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

Marty Allen, the bug-eyed comic who formed one half of the hit comedic duo Allen & Rossi, passed away Monday night in Las Vegas at age 95.

Allen & Rossi were one of the most coveted comedy acts in the 1960s and produced some of the most hilarious moments on The Ed Sullivan Show. The two were a match made in heaven exhibiting an effortless natural chemistry that captivated audiences. The act comprised of Rossi playing the level headed straight man, while Allen portrayed a variety of eccentric goofy characters.

Among Ed Sullivan fans, Allen & Rossi are most remembered for their appearances on the iconic Beatles episodes. One of the pair’s most classic bits involves Allen depicting a myriad of athletes, while exchanging comical jabs with Rossi. The routine perfectly encapsulated the duo’s fun and lovable dynamic. Link to clip below: