Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

Watch Ike & Tina Turner’s Vintage 1970 Performance On ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

Ike & Tina Turner star in a newly-shared clip from the archives of The Ed Sullivan Show, filmed in January 1970. You can watch the footage of them performing “Proud Mary” and “Bold Soul Sister” below.

Known as The Ike and Tina Turner Revue at this point in their turbulent career, the duo and their band were big stars on the soul circuit on the cusp of the 1970s. By the time they reached The Ed Sullivan Show, they had three Top 40 hits and were very hot property. On January 11 1970, the Turners took over the Sullivan stage. Tina strutted out in a short, gold fringed dress, while The Ikettes, three girls in matching hot pink dresses, sang and danced behind her. Ike, in a hip lavender suit, stood in back, jammed on the guitar and kept an eye on things.

“Proud Mary” (written by John Fogerty and originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival) had never sounded so funky. It’s a classic performance that starts out “nice and easy”, with Ike slowly singing “ro-lling on the rii-vaah”. But then the music picks up and they get to the “rough part” Tina warns us about during the intro. “Proud Mary” would become Ike & Tina Turner’s biggest success, reaching No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and winning them a Grammy Award.