Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Paul McCartney’s 71st Birthday

Paul McCartney on Ed Sullivan

What better time to celebrate the career highlights of Paul McCartney than today?  Today marks Paul McCartney’s 71st birthday!

It seems like just yesterday that the Beatles on Ed Sullivan American TV debut took place. Almost 50 years after that legendary performance the Beatles co-founder Paul McCartney remains more popular than ever.

He was only 21 years old at the time of The Beatles Ed Sullivan Show performance on February 9th 1964. The hour-long broadcast that night featured the hit “Til There Was You,” which was sung by McCartney. During that song, a camera cut to each member of the band and introduced him to the audience by displaying his first name on screen. When the camera cut to John Lennon, the caption below his name also read “SORRY GIRLS, HE’S MARRIED.”

Perhaps The Fab Four did not realize it at the time, but this historic performance would mark the beginning of the so-called “British Invasion” that revolutionized the American music scene and it would also serve as a launching pad to their superstardom. The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show 3 more times after their February 9th debut.

Post Sullivan, The Beatles remained together until 1970, when Paul McCartney announced his departure from the group. However, the official break-up was not announced publicly by the other Beatles until December of 1970.

Shortly after their break-up, Paul released his first solo album “McCartney” and in 1971, he unveiled his new band, “Wings,” comprising of Paul and Linda McCartney with Denny Laine (guitar) and Denny Seiwell (drums).

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

Even though The Beatles were no longer a group, they remained (and to this day are) the most iconic musicians in pop culture. They all embarked on successful solo careers and continued to captivate the hearts of countless fans. Sadly, John Lennon and George Harrison were the first members to pass away leaving Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr as the last remaining Beatles.

Paul McCartney has carried on the group’s legacy throughout the years and continues to build his own. Whether he is headlining a music festival or being an animal rights activist, Sir Paul McCartney is constantly making news around the world. Not only was he part of the most famous and influential group of the 21st century, but he is also considered one of the most popular solo performers, songwriters and figures of our time.

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