• Friday, August 12th, 2022

    Comedy Duos from The Ed Sullivan Show

    From the inception of The Ed Sullivan Show, comedy has always been a mainstay of the program.  Some comedians only appeared on the show a few times while others became regulars.  As we look back on many of the comedians who appeared, we’d like to point a spotlight on a few of the comedic duos […]

  • Friday, July 1st, 2022

    The Ed Sullivan Show Celebrates The 4th Of July

    Happy 4th of July from The Ed Sullivan Show! As we take some time to enjoy this day of both remembrance and celebration, we’d like to take a moment and look at several historical patriotic moments from the show. As we’re all aware, The Ed Sullivan Show witnessed America’s progress and transition through many different […]

  • Thursday, June 16th, 2022

    The Ed Sullivan Show’s Most Popular TikTok Videos

    As we begin to enter the summer season, The Ed Sullivan Show wanted to shine some sunlight on one of its fastest growing platforms, TikTok.  In just over a year since the inception of the account, we’ve seen tremendous support from our followers. Today we’d like to share our top 10 TikTok clips that have shaken up the TikTok community.

  • Monday, May 16th, 2022

    Origins Of Topo Gigio On ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

    When people think of The Ed Sullivan Show the biggest names come to mind, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, The Mamas & The Papas and yes, ironically enough, Topo Gigio. The little mouse was just as complicated as he was cute. Topo’s creator Maria Perego, who worked alongside her husband Federico […]

  • Friday, April 1st, 2022

    Jazz Appreciation Month On ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

    All April long, Jazz Appreciation month celebrates one of America’s earliest and iconic art forms. During the show’s 23 year run, Jazz performers from  across the nation came to The Ed Sullivan Show to not only showcase their talent, but also demonstrate their love for this amazing genre.

  • Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

    ‘The Sound of Music’ on The Ed Sullivan Show

    57 years ago, The Sound of Music sang its way into viewers’ hearts on March 2, 1965. Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers were the composers of these timeless classics that have been inspiring people for generations.

  • Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

    The Ed Sullivan Show Celebrates Black History Month

    Black History Month is an annual observance to remind America to celebrate and discover the integral role that Blacks have played in our country. When it came to giving talented Black artists a platform, most would agree that The Ed Sullivan Show was that very place.

  • Friday, December 17th, 2021

    Top 10 Most Viewed Ed Sullivan Show YouTube Videos In 2021

    As we get ready to jump into the New Year, we can’t look ahead without looking back at some of our biggest moments of the year. Here’s a list of our Top 10 most viewed videos of 2021! 10 . The Animals “House Of The Rising Sun” (October 18, 1964) The Animals made their debut […]

  • Friday, December 10th, 2021

    ‘West Side Story’ On The Ed Sullivan Show

    If you are a fan of Broadway musicals and theater, then you came to the right place!  In celebration of Steven Spielberg’s latest motion picture West Side Story we’ve decided to look at some of our favorite West Side Story performances from The Ed Sullivan Show. We hope you enjoy these memorable performances and be […]